About Us

Malhotra Academy of Finance was established in 2023 and is a training academy in India tailored for finance traders and adult entrepreneurs while offering comprehensive instruction on various fields such as investment, finance, and market analysis for investors and entrepreneurs at different stages in India. The courses cover multiple specialized areas including stock courses, venture capital courses, blockchain courses, business model analysis research, and more.


Rakesh Malhotra

-Graduated from the University of Cambridge in the UK with dual Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Philosophy.


Academy Advantages

Our academy boasts a strong faculty led by seasoned finance expert Rakesh Malhotra who has rich teaching and practical experience, capable of providing students with high-quality education.
Malhotra Academy of Finance offers various learning modes, including face-to-face courses, online courses, and distance learning. Students can choose the most suitable learning method according to their needs.

  • Stock Investment

    Introduces basic concepts, analytical methods, and trading strategies in stock investment.

  • Investment Philosophy

    Introduces different investment philosophies to help students develop their own investment mindset.

  • Financial Markets

    Introduces the structure and operational mechanisms of financial markets.

  • Financial Management

    Introduces basic concepts and methods of financial management.

  • Other Finance-related Courses

    Includes options, futures, digital currency, bonds, funds, and more.

  • Our academy emphasizes a practical teaching approach, utilizing case studies, simulated trading, and other methods to help students master the acquired knowledge. Internship opportunities are also provided to help students apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.